ABM: How to Focus on Those Who Matter (& Sod the Rest) – Neil Cooper

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ABM: How to Focus on Those Who Matter (& Sod the Rest)

Neil Cooper joined us at DigiConf to discuss all things Account Based Marketing and how to focus on those who matter. Neil is VP of Marketing at Audio Analytic, and previously held a number of senior marketing positions in technology-focused companies.

Audio Analytic licences audio products to consumer technology companies, so it’s fair to say that their marketing needs to be very targeted.

“ABM isn’t ‘the new thing’; it’s just marketing that is very targeted.”

What is ABM?

ABM or account-based marketing is a B2B marketing strategy which focuses your sales and marketing on a specific set of accounts that are the best fit for your product. Neil uses the example of Paddy Power to show how we can tailor our marketing to a specific audience.

Paddy Power’s core customers are 18-30-year-old men so all of its marketing, messaging, channels, pricing is focused on that core demographic, including marketing campaigns. 

Take the campaign from the Brazil World Cup, where Paddy Power faked a set of photos which suggested that they’d cut down a portion of the Amazon rainforest to write the words ‘Come On England’. The brand later revealed that it was a prank to raise awareness of deforestation, resulting in both #PaddyPower and #SavetheRainforest trending on Twitter.

PaddyPower Amazon Marketing Campaign

How to Identify Your Audience

Neil set out the following advice for identifying your customer, learning more about them, and targeting your market towards them.

Delve deeper into the brands you are selling to and learn more about:

  • Their business model
  • Their objectives
  • Their drivers
  • Their issues

Look at the key personas of the people you are selling to:

  • Not just the decision-maker
  • Use real examples of customers
  • Job function / role / title
  • Age, personality types
  • Biases

Look at the person who holds the main relationship but remember how important it is to understand the people surrounding them too. Decisions are made by more than one person, particularly in high value or long-term sales relationships.

What sources influence them and how?

  • Media
  • Academics
  • Research papers
  • Industry analysts
  • Conferences

Looking at all of the digital channels that are on offer can be overwhelming, but your key personas can help you to navigate this field. For instance, your audience might be most present on LinkedIn and Github; that’s where you need to lay your focus.

Targeting Your Marketing

“The better your understanding of your customers, the more effective your marketing will be.”

Once you’ve identified your customers, ensure that everybody throughout the business is aware of who your customer is, not just sales and marketing. Then set your goals and share with the entire team. This gives a shared vision of what you need to achieve.

Watch the full video of Neil’s talk below to learn more about ABM and targeting.

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