B2B Marketing Automation, Personalisation & ABM

Session 2: Advanced B2B Strategies

A Journey through B2B Marketing Automation & Personalisation

To start this session, Kathryn Lye, VP Marketing at Speechmatics, will provide an expert insight into how brands can combine marketing automation, personalisation and customer journey mapping to deliver results. Citing examples from B2B technology and software companies, she will explore the trials of data quality, attribution models and the challenge of working across multiple teams.

ABM: How to focus on those who matter (and sod the rest)

After Kathryn’s session Neil Cooper, VP Marketing, Audio Analytic, will explain how a laser-focused approach is critical to delivering results from Account-based Marketing (ABM). From strategy and content to messaging and metrics, Neil will demystify ABM and share his experiences of targeting hyper-niche audiences through digital marketing.

Interactive Q&A: Advanced B2B Strategies

For the final part of this session, Kathryn and Neil will be joined by Victoria Page to take part in an interactive Q&A on advanced B2B marketing strategies, hosted by Shane Redding, Digital Marketing Consultant, Think Direct. Get your questions ready!

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