Innovative Content Marketing

Session 4: Innovative Content Marketing

Innovative B2B Content Marketing

For this first session in our Innovative Content Marketing showcase, Andrea Clatworthy, Head of ABM at Fujitsu, will provide an insightful analysis of how innovative B2B companies are raising the bar in terms of content marketing strategy, tactics and formats.

4 Steps from Starting a Podcast to Livestreaming

Podcaster, David Bain, will explain why you need to seriously consider publishing your own podcast, where a podcast fits into your marketing mix, how to start a podcast and how to use podcasting as the starting step towards producing high quality livestreams.

Have you ever considered starting your own podcast, yet come to the conclusion that it doesn’t fit conveniently into your existing marketing model? Maybe you’ve decided that a podcast’s success would be difficult to measure and that you have more pressing things to focus on.

The Content Problem and How to Fix It

What do you do when 5% of content generates 90% of your engagement? In this insightful presentation, author and digital strategist, Justin Kirby, outlines the causes of stagnation in B2B content marketing and sets out a radical agenda for change. He will also share a selection of marketing models and resources for forward-thinking B2B content marketers.

Interactive Panel/Q&A

Our speakers will participate in a live Q&A/Panel discussion. Get your B2B content marketing questions ready!

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