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Session 2: Advanced B2B Strategies

The B2B Marketing Growth Model

To kick off the second session under our Advanced B2B Marketing theme, Bian Salins, who heads up Content Marketing Consulting at LinkedIn (EMEA & LATAM) will talk us through the five new principles of effective B2B marketing.

What do you do when age-old principles of marketing stop working? In 2019 LinkedIn funded a research study with marketing effectiveness leaders Les Binet and Peter Field to look at the issue of declining returns from B2B marketing. The resulting report suggests it might be time to re-write the B2B marketing rule book.

LinkedIn Marketing Opportunities for 2020/21

With B2B companies increasingly seeing LinkedIn as a core marketing channel, the big question facing CMOs is: “Where do we focus our efforts?” Should we invest in LinkedIn ads, content marketing, staff advocacy, influencer marketing, social selling – of all of them at once? Perhaps our goal should be to train up our C-suite, or launch a LinkedIn Live podcast?

Join this interactive Q&A discussion with our panel of LinkedIn experts to answer your questions, live and uncut!

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