The Rise of Messaging: What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Session 1: New Destinations

There is very little that is completely ‘new’ in digital marketing in 2020, but messaging is the growth channel. WhatsApp has >2bn users and Slack, Guild and other vertical messaging apps are carving their place in the MarTech/CommsTech stacks.

Marketers are having to adapt to the medium as they did with social before. As with social, there is confusion and tension over who ‘owns’ messaging as a medium, value and governance concerns.

Ashley Friedlein (Founder and CEO of Econsultancy and Guild) analyses the marketing impact of messaging, ad formats, compliance, and use cases such as payments/ecommerce, servicing, community strategy, and internal comms.

You’ll leave the session with the key questions that will help you integrate messaging successfully across your organisation.