Carolyn Morgan

Consultant & NED, Speciall Media

Carolyn Morgan has launched, acquired, grown and sold media businesses across print, digital and live events.

She was formerly an Exec Director at EMAP, specialising in marketing, events, digital development and strategy. Carolyn was a co-founder of the Specialist Media Show, which she sold to SIIA in 2013.

Carolyn has wide experience of niche publishing businesses and advises many independent media owners on digital strategy through her consulting business, Speciall Media. She regularly curates and chairs conferences on digital media strategy.

She is a Non-Exec Director for Thomas Telford, the commercial arm of the Institute of Civil Engineers, and also Executive Grapevine International, an independent niche media business.

My Sessions

SESSION: How to Run Successful Virtual Events: 10 Lessons from the Bleeding Edge

Theme 3: Social & Creative

Commercial events organisers have had to pivot to virtual in the last year.  They have climbed a steep learning curve on how to make virtual events engaging for delegates and meet sponsors marketing objectives.  And how to attract a virtual audience and keep them watching.  Learn from their mistakes, experiments and successes and discover what you can apply to your own virtual marketing events for staff and customers.