Jake Potter

Head of Social, Colt Technology Services

Jake Potter is Head of Social Media at Colt Technology Services. Joining the business in 2017, Jake leads the global social media strategy, paid social, and social selling framework, designed to enable employees with the skills they need to transform online relationships into sales. Prior to joining Colt, Jake worked with other big agencies such as Oracle, Netsuite, and Bronto.

My Sessions

Employee Advocacy: How to Activate Senior Execs, Subject-Matter Experts, Sales Teams & More

Theme 3: Social & Creative

The positive impacts of running a successful employee advocacy programme are remarkable: increased marketing reach, brand recognition and conversion rates; happier staff with stronger career prospects; and increased trust among customers. Positive results, though, are often hampered by low uptake among senior execs, sales teams and experts. Join Andy Lambert and his expert panel for this deep-dive into advanced employee advocacy techniques.

Employee Advocacy