Jo Geraghty

Cultural Change Partner, Culture Consultancy

Jo is a Director and Co-Founder of Culture Consultancy.

Formerly head of HR for Goldman Sachs France and Switzerland, Jo brings 20 years’ experience working on global business, technology and HR change projects in SME’s through to FTSE 100 companies.

Founded in 2010, Culture Consultancy creates high performance businesses through aligning culture to business strategy, upskilling leaders and embedding employee experience. Jo works with companies to entrench performance culture and positive employee and customer experience through conscious leadership, digital enablement and large-scale behavioural change.

Passionate about improving workplace productivity, wellbeing ,diversity, inclusion innovation and ethics, Jo specialises in working with top teams to evolve and embed the culture change required for whatever inflection point a business is facing. From M&A to rapid growth or digital transformation, Jo ensures work environments are inclusive, supportive and promote healthy working practices.

The work of Culture Consultancy spans from SMEs to the most complex and regulated environments, helping to deliver sustainable performance improvements through outstanding people practices and digital enablement.

Jo is co-author of ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, which was shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year award. Jo’s work has been recently recognised in the Smith & Williamson Power 100 for her contribution to productivity through positive company culture.

My Sessions

How to Manage a High Performance Virtual Marketing Team

Theme 1: Strategy & Innovation

50% of marketing teams are expected to remain fully or partially virtual beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us have experienced benefits from remote working, but how does it impact on team motivation, morale and cohesion? Can you really spark innovation on a Zoom call? And, what are the long-term effects on performance? Former Head of HR for Goldman Sachs, Jo Geraghty, offers a road-map for virtual success.