Sarah Goodall

CEO, Tribal Impact Ltd

Sarah Goodall is the founder and CEO of Tribal Impact Ltd, a local agency that helps B2B businesses activate employee voices on social media to create amazing customer experiences. Working with companies such as IBM, SAP, Henkel and Panasonic, Tribal Impact specialises in employee advocacy, social selling, digital leadership and influencer marketing programs.

My Sessions

Employee Advocacy: How to Activate Senior Execs, Subject-Matter Experts, Sales Teams & More

Theme 3: Social & Creative

The positive impacts of running a successful employee advocacy programme are remarkable: increased marketing reach, brand recognition and conversion rates; happier staff with stronger career prospects; and increased trust among customers. Positive results, though, are often hampered by low uptake among senior execs, sales teams and experts. Join Andy Lambert and his expert panel for this deep-dive into advanced employee advocacy techniques.

Employee Advocacy