Stef Lait

Senior Account Director, OST

Senior Account Director at OST, Stef Lait brings 12 years of marketing expertise to our client services team. She heads up a fantastic group of account managers who work collectively to ensure client’s projects are delivered on time, on brief and on budget.

Stef is a passionate and discerning marketer who always puts her clients (and their valued customers) at the heart of everything we do and finds immense purpose in delivering impactful campaigns that genuinely make our lives better, or just a little bit easier, which we could all use a bit more of especially during these unprecedented times.

Her main responsibilities are to provide strategic leadership to clients, oversee campaign and project conception, planning and execution, and provide impact analysis on market trends and opportunities, all to ensure we are delivering on project targets while providing exceptional service to all of our valued clients.

My Sessions

SESSION: Why Localised Social Media is the Future for Truly Global B2B Companies

Theme 1: Strategy & Innovation

If you’re promoting a product in France or Brazil, you’d be wise to ensure your content is in French or Portuguese. Yet many B2B companies adopt an English-only strategy on social media, or simply translate their English posts, without much consideration to the customer experience. In this session, OST’s Stef Lait and Helen Sharpe explain how, by investing in truly localised social media content (i.e. in-language, in-country) B2B companies can drive up levels of engagement and deliver ROI.
They will cite several case studies, including:

• The global SaaS tech company that achieved an organic reach of 200 million by running a localised influencer campaign
• The international manufacturing company that localised 30% of its social content and, within 12 months, saw this driving 60% of engagement.