Tim Williams

CEO at Onalytica

Tim’s work at Onalytica is focused on connecting brands and influencer communities together to help create better content and messaging to audiences around the world.

Marketers and Comms Professionals are creating a lot of brand content about themselves that is not engaging and compelling enough to resonate with and impact their target audiences. Onalytica provides Influencer Marketing software to help brands identify relevant influencers and partner with them organically to create more engaging and compelling content around industry topics.

He is passionate about analytics and measuring the impact of this activity against business outcomes and helping integrate influencers into a wider social advocacy strategy.

Specialities: Influencer Marketing, Influencer Relationship Management, Employee Advocacy, Audience Insights, Marketing Strategy, Media Measurement, Sales and Marketing

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My Sessions

B2B Influencer Marketing – Advocacy, Compliance & Measurement

Session 3: Influencer Marketing & Compliance

B2B Influencer Marketing: The Cost of Non-Compliance To kick off this session, Influencer Marketing Compliance consultant, Rupa Shah, will explain the boundaries of legality for B2B influencer marketing. Influencers yield incredible value as amplified marketing channels but the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) are paying close attention.  What do B2B […]

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