Q&A with Kathryn Lye – The Challenges Surrounding Marketing Automation

Kathryn Lye is VP of marketing at Speechmatics. She is an experienced B2B marketing professional who has worked primarily in the tech sector, including heading up the marketing team at Cambridge-based Redgate Software. She has a proven, proactive and results-driven attitude and seeks continuous improvement to marketing performance.

What are the biggest challenges facing B2B brands that are seeking to automate their marketing?

Kathryn: People really need to think about what they’re trying to achieve with automation. Why are they doing it? Are they doing it to drive productivity? To drive scale? Framing that problem helps you start to think about your tech stack and automation as part of that.

The other challenge can be data and historic data. If you’re going to automate anything, you need good data. Otherwise, you’re really running the risk of creating a poor buyer experience. Analysing the information in your CRM, talking to your sales team, even trawling social media feeds helps you to understand your audience and begin to break your data down into segments.

What are the common factors of successful automation?

Kathryn: Good data that allows you to segment, tailor your messages, and cluster to your prospects, and that then allows you to start to personalize. Make sure you think about how you would feel if you’re on the receiving end of that automated marketing. Remember, you’re targeting a persona but you’re marketing to people at the end of the day.

Do you think marketing automation makes B2B companies more or less human?

Kathryn: Good automation is engaging and will drive growth of your business. So, in that sense, it certainly doesn’t make you any less human. The key is to match that experience and be consistent as they switch between channels or between sort of automation and your own team. But if you just blindly go into automation without thinking about what you’re trying to achieve, the outcomes, using the good data that you’ve got, then you’re asking for problems down the line.

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