The Secret to Outstanding LinkedIn Marketing – Panel Discussion

The Secret to Outstanding LinkedIn Marketing

2020 has provided businesses with a staggering number of unprecedented challenges to contend with. Keeping your marketing on-brand and effective while conveying genuine sympathy and compassion has proven a tricky task for many to rise to. 

With our understanding of what ‘works’ on LinkedIn being put to the test throughout the year so far, it’s become ever more important to be smart with your marketing strategy.

Enter our Outstanding LinkedIn Marketing DigiConf panel.

Chair & Co-founder of BMC, Dave Stevens, was joined by Mark White, Bian Salins and Matthew Leopold to discuss the most important LinkedIn marketing lessons from 2020 so far, and the biggest, smartest and most exciting opportunities in the year ahead.

Creating distinctive branding

While many brands made logical and intelligent steps to adjust their marketing output in response to COVID 19, the result was a swathe of homogenised adverts and sentiments that quickly grew old. 

“We saw brands go through this journey,” explained Bian Salins, Content Marketing Consulting EMEA & LATAM for LinkedIn, “describing what they were going to do to help, then telling us that ‘We’re going to help you. We’re seeing a fatigue to this kind of message; it’s still got to be authentic, human and distinctive. And it’s hard to be distinctive in this kind of environment when everybody has been jumping on the same bandwagon!”

So, how can B2B businesses stand out from the crowd when everybody is doing the same thing? 

Bian believes the key is making creativity a core part of your branding principles: “Utilise brand basics like your codes, legacy and founders’ stories. Start to really bring those basics to fore and be more creative. Businesses are able to be creative on LinkedIn. This is something that visionary businesses and LinkedIn alike are beginning to recognise.” 

Matthew Leopold, Head of Brand PR and Content Marketing, LexisNexis UK, was quick to echo this sentiment, adding, “The really important thing, and I think this is the magic dust for social and particularly LinkedIn, is leveraging the amazing quality of the employees that generate this content.” 

As Matthew summarises: “People notice things that they care about. That’s the secret to branding.”

Marketing and messaging with purpose

Whether you’re leveraging LinkedIn as a business or as an individual, it is important to work with a clear purpose. 

“It’s really quite important to decide what you want to do,” explained Mark White, Strategist & Trainer, sharing his perspective. “Are you using it as a business tool? A marketing tool? For career progression or recruitment? It sounds silly, but it’s easy to go on the platform without a purpose and not really get anything out of it. So go in with a plan.”

Of course, this is just as true for businesses of any size. Matthew shared the lessons his team has learned through COVID 19 and how they’ve had to adapt to the challenge. “We learned that you can’t predict what is going to trend on social media, and trying to do so actually begins to trap you in a spiral where you’re creating content without really knowing what you’re doing.  

“Know who you’re trying to talk to, know the message you want to land with them, know what you want people to do as a result of that message and then paint that strategy.”

The importance of people and engagement

With the importance of proper planning and a clear strategy laid bare, what are some simple and effective ways to begin making a positive impact on your LinkedIn marketing? 

“Don’t underestimate your people,” Matthew stresses. “Make sure your people ooze their brilliance through social media: through the profile they’ve created and the story that they tell. And use them to amplify and add value to your corporate content.”

Mark concurred with this advice, adding, “Don’t be tempted to chase the algorithms of LinkedIn. Instead, chase the engagement. The content you put out there is to get people talking – especially the people you want to do business with.”

Having confidence in your content, your people and your strategy are key. Be brave to be distinctive! But don’t forget the importance of creative, meaningful connections. 

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